Maddie and Miri

Maddie and Miri

Maddie and Miri

The picture above is from this past weekend. We were in town visiting my wife’s family for Mother’s Day and our friend, Moe, let us come by to discuss canes. We have a lot of questions and Moe and Maddie are always gracious to share what they know. There is never a dull moment around Maddie, regardless of the topic of conversation. While Moe and Amy were talking about canes, school, China, and the adoption, Miri and Maddie started singing together on the couch.

Maddie has always loved music and can play instruments. She has the ability to hear a tune and then just play it on the piano like she has always known it. Maddie is amazing, and so is Miri. It’s no surprise that these two get along so well. Since the first time Maddie met Miri, she has talked with her and laughed and sang along with her. If there is anything Miri loves, it’s attention and interaction.

Over the course of our visit, these two talked about school, sang a few songs, and then migrated into the next room. Maddie wanted to see if she could play a song that Miri started singing. The best part of the night was watching these two ladies walk into a dark room and listening to them laughing with each other as they were playing. When I went in to video them, the lights were off and I could not even see them, but the two of them were having a blast. It’s so funny how they had no idea they were even in a dark room.

Maddie and Miri played on the piano together and Miri kept asking Maddie to play slower. Miri was trying to catch up and stay in rhythm to Maddie’s playing. Watching the two of them together was neat because we have known Maddie since she was a tiny thing. She has become so independent and now she is even helping others. One thing watching Maddie has taught us over the years is that you should never limit someone else in your own mind due to their challenges.

Many people wonder what the appropriate way to react to others with disabilities is. I know this has always been difficult to me. What am I supposed to say? What am I not supposed to say? How am I supposed to react? Thankfully, I have had some pretty amazing people in my life who have shown me the right way to interact with people who have physical or mental limitations or disabilities of many kinds. Treat them like you treat everyone else. I have learned, and I am still learning, not to put Miri in a box. Never underestimate what people are capable of.

Our family is currently in the process of adopting another child. This child is also from China and is also blind. We have been very blessed through our addition of Miri to the family and we are excited to see our family grow once again. This time, we have decided to take the whole family to China to participate in the adoption process and many of our family, friends, and some people we don’t even know are donating. If you feel led to donate to that cause, we currently have a fundraiser in place that over time will reveal a picture of the newest addition to our family. Check out the following link:

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