New York State of Mind

New York State of Mind

Alice in Wonderland Statue – Central Park, NYC

A few weeks ago, our family made a very long drive up to Rhode Island for a marital arts tournament. Amy was insistent that we take some time to go into NYC for the kids. Amy and I spent an anniversary there years ago when the kids were younger. A week was not near enough for us then, but it a short day trip made for a long day for the kids, especially Miri. We decided to take a detour and drive down into Manhattan and see Central Park. Miri walked all over the park and was carried a little.

While it was a short trip to the Park, it was a lot of fun to let the kids get a glimpse of what the Big Apple is like. I couldn’t help thinking how cool it was for Miri who came from the other side of the world to be walking around in one of the largest cities in the country. She is such a big spirit in a little body. She loved listening to the buskers play music. She heard a guitarist and a lady playing accordion. I think her favorite sound was her own echo as we walked through the park tunnels.

As we walked through the park, and down 6th Ave, I was considering what it would be like to have the whole family in tow for the trip to China. I am not familiar with the area we are going to begin our trip in this time, but I know that Guangzhou, where we will finish the last of the trip, is a bustling city. It is also strange and has a completely different feel from NYC, or any place we might call home. We have decided to take the whole family to China for this adoption, which I think will be amazing for all of the kids.

I have had fears of what it would be like to have this many people trying to stay together in crowded streets with a lot of sights and sounds to distract. I think this short stop in NYC was good for me as a reminder of how capable and responsible our children can be. At home, there are days when I wonder. Everyone in this family steps up when they need to. I am excited to experience another exciting environment with the whole family and to see their faces as they take in the wonder of a new place in a foreign land.

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